How to Clear and Cache and Force Reload App Store on iPhone and iPad

The App store is the official app store for IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. The app store has the 2nd largest number of apps and games right after Android Plat Store. All the iOS user uses this store to download both free as well as paid apps for their smartphone.

The App store is good, but sometimes you might face some problem with this store. If you own an IOS device then you might experience some problem. One of them is a cache problem. This is a common problem where it stops showing you the latest app for several days. This is surely a cache problem and with this you need to clear cache and suppose to force reload in order to get rid of all your recent apps and shows latest apps.

Apple App store app cache
App Store

Almost every app use cache and the same also apply to App store. But with time the size of cache increase which ultimately slow down and blocks all the app updates. This is really an annoying moment and everyone need to get rid of this.

Here at Karen Portefield we have shared a number of guides for iPhone like how to stop contact auto suggestion or how to download YouTube videos on iPhone. Now we are sharing another guide for iPhone device where I will show you how you can clear cache and force reload Apple store in order to get rid app store.

How to Clear Cache and Force Reload on Apple App Store

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to get rid of App Store problem by clearing cache.

  • Step 1– Launch App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Step 2– Here you can see different menu like Featured, Top Chart, Search Updates, Explore.
  • Step 3– In the next step, you have to tap on any of the options for ten times.
  • Step 4– Once you tapped on the option for ten times, it will clear all the cache and reload the app store.

Once it reloads your App Store, you can see the latest app updates there.

So, this was the guide for how to clear cache and reload App store for iPhone and iPad. Do share your thoughts.

How to Play Music with Lyrics on Android

Who doesn’t love to listen music? I think there would be very few people to say no in answer to this question. That indirectly means that most of the people love to listen music. The smartphone is taking our music listening habits to another level by granting us the access to music library anytime and anywhere. That is the technology which helped us in a humble manner.

When it comes smartphone, then I think the majority of people use Android and listen his/her favorite music on Android. Now let me ask you another question, do you understand each and every song word by word. May be yes, but there are times when you need to look at the lyrics to understand some deep meaning words.

This inspired me to write down this article to show you how you can play each and every song on your Android smartphone with lyrics.

Honestly, there is some good lyrics website available which allows users to get lyrics for most of the song. But those are good for the computer user, for smartphone users those are not a good idea.

Play music with lyrics on Android

Today is the guide where I will show you how you can play music/song with lyrics on Android.

How to Play Song/Music on Android with Lyrics

Playing a song with lyrics involves certain steps which are described below.

  • Step 1– First of all you need to download an app called Musixmatch on your Android. This is a free app which you can get from Google play store or following the link.
  • Step 2– Once downloaded, it installs the app automatically.
  • Step 3– Then, launch this app by tapping on Open option.
  • Step 4– Next, play any song from your music library or you can look for a song from the Musixmatch own library.
  • Step 5– After selecting or playing a song, this app will sync its lyrics or create one for you.

It has a clean UI with floating lyrics which gives a rich music experience.

So, this was my tutorial for how to play songs/music on Android with lyrics.

Got any question to ask? Or have any problem with this app? Let me know in the comment down below.

How to Give a Name to Apple TV

Apple TV is a great addition to the TV lovers. Many people owned an Apple TV around the world. Apple TV is programmed in a way to do lots more thing than just watch TV series. It has a number of interesting features and some of them are really interesting.

If you are one of those people who own an Apple TV and want to give a name to it, then this guide is perfect one for you. There are people who love to give names to their products for fun or for some other reason. Giving an interesting name may sound cool, but it is easier to do so. All you need is a perfect guide to do so.

Give a name to Apple TV

If you love to give names to your products and wants the same with your Apple TV by giving a interesting name then this article is for you.

How to download YouTube videos on Android

How to give a name to Apple TV

The process involved is very easy and simple. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to use this naming feature. Just follow my instruction and you will be with your own named Apple TV.

OK, if you don’t want vidoe instruction the follow the below mentioned written steps.

  • Step 1– Turn on your Apple TV and go to settings.
  • Step 2– In the next step, tap on Airplay and select Apple TV Name from there.
  • Step 3– There are some pre-made name available in case you like to set one otherwise select Custom Name to give your own name.
  • Step 4– Now write down a name that you find interesting and you like to give to your Apple TV.
  • Step 5– Once you are done with your name, tap on Done.

That was it.

This was the guide for changing or giving Apple TV a name. I am pretty sure that this guide was somehow helpful for you to set a name for your beloved apple TV. However if you stuck somewhere while changing name then don’t forget that I am here to help you.

How to Download YouTube Videos on an Android or iPhone

There are hundreds of free movie downloading sites available for downloading free movies online. But, what about YouTube videos? Let’s find out.

YouTube is the largest video sharing network, which is owned by none other than Google. Hundreds of thousands of videos are being shared on this network and millions of user views videos on a daily basis. This stats make this the largest video sharing network. Here one can find videos for every purpose like movies, video songs, funny, comedy, motivation, science experiments, news and a lot more stuffs.

Most of the time we didn’t feel any need to download videos from YouTube. But there is some time when we might need to download and save YouTube videos on our smartphone.


Here is I am back again with another piece of the article which is the guide to let you all downloading YouTube videos on your Android or iOS based smartphone.

Simple guide to download YouTube videos on Android and iOS

  • Step 1– Open YouTube app and play any video that you want to download.
  • Step 2– Now on the video screen you can see a share button. Simply tap on that.
  • Step 3– Now a share window will open. Here on the top, you can see a little option saying “Copy URL”
  • Step 4– Now tap on that option and it will copy the video URL.
  • Step 5– Now close the app and open any browser on your phone.
  • Step 6– In the Address bar type and enter to that website.
  • Step 7– Next, a text box will appear where you need to insert the video URL.
  • Step 8– Here paste the video URL that you copied in step 4 and click continue.
  • Step 9– Now wait some moment and let the website process the video.
  • Step 10– Once the process is done, you can see some new option where you can choose the format in which you want to download the video.
  • Step 11– Once you choose the format, tap on download.
  • Step 12– In the next page you can see another download button, simply click on that and your download will start.

So, this is how you can download YouTube videos on Android or iOS The steps discussed above can be use to download YouTube video on any platform like Windows, PC, Mac and everything.

How to find Hidden Message in Facebook Messenger app for Android

Facebook is the largest social networking website which allows people to share photos, status with their friends and family sometime with stingers. Talking or chatting on Facebook is one of the best features where one can be in touch with anyone from any part of the world. The messenger is the dedicated smartphone app from Facebook which allows people to use the Facebook messaging service on the go. As on Facebook anyone can send messages to anyone, so, as a preventive measure Facebook sometime hides message from stingers in order to save you from any possible spamming.


This is indeed a good website, but sometimes we may need to have chat with stingers. As Facebook hides them under certain filter, we cannot see those messages. If you are on the Facebook messenger app for Android and wants to see those hidden messages, then you might need to follow certain steps. Don’t worry if you don’t know about those steps. Cause, I am here with you to share yet another great article where I will teach you how you could check the hidden message on Facebook Messenger app for Android.

Find/Check Hidden Messages on Facebook Messenger app for Android

Previously we have discussed about a possible way to disable auto contact suggestion on the iPhone and today it is time for Facebook hidden messages.

Shall we..?

Checking hidden messages on Facebook messenger app involves no hard steps.

  • Step 1– First launch Facebook messenger app and then tap on setting icon.
  • Step 2– There will be some bunch of settings. Find for People option and select that.
  • Step 3– Now in the people, there selects Message request option.
  • Step 4– Now, here you need to tap on See filtered requests which might write in blue text.

That is it. Now you can find all the hidden messages there on that screen.

We are writing guides for helping you and we will keep doing this. Keep in touch for more or follow us on Facebook.

How to Disable Auto Contact Suggestion on iPhone

Technology is now becoming an internal part of our daily life and no one can deny this. Whatever we are doing or seeing has a direct or indirect connection with technology. But this technology sometime become irritating when starts over do things.

Now take the example of an iPhone. There is no doubt that iPhone is one of the best smartphone in the world. Apple also tries its best to give better user experience. Thus, they are adding more features to this phone. Some of them are really awesome, but some things they are over doing. One of the worst features of the iPhone is its auto contact suggestion. What Apple does is when you have email, Facebook or Twitter profile of your friend, but not the phone number and then he/she send you a number which is not probably his/her number but apple save that number with his/her name. This is really an annoying feature for iPhone.

Disable Auto Contact Suggestion in iphone

If you are pissed off with this feature and want to disable then this article will teach you how.

How to disable iPhone auto Contact Suggestion

Turning off this feature is not that hard. All you need is following the given steps properly and you will be able to stop this.

  • First of all, go to settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then tap on mail, contacts and calendar option.
  • Then, toggle offContact found in Mail
  • This will delete all the contact that the feature has been saved and also never adds in contact to your phone.

So, this was our guide cum tutorial which shows how to disable auto contact suggestion feature in iPhone and Pad. After following the above steps it will disable the feature. Now your phone will no longer add any contact and saves your time by deleting each contact manually.

Don’t forget to leave comments in the comment section.

Best Ways to find out the Graphic Memory of your Windows PC

I was thinking to write a post on this website. But I was little confused of from where should I start, then Then I thought why not to start from a guide which would help many? Then here I am.

You guys already got the idea of what I am going to write? Right? Yeah, I already mentioned in the title. Finding the graphic memory is something that you might not need often, but sometimes it becomes a pain in the … (I hope you know what I mean 😛 ).

Graphic Card

You might have a good graphic memory but you don’t remember that. And suddenly one of your friends asks you “Hy, your computer is so fast, what is your graphic memory?” In that you might be thinking like how the hell I could find the graphic memory.

Well, don’t worry, I have a cool method to check the graphic memory of any Windows powered PC.

How to find out Graphic Memory of Windows PC

Here is the guide that I wanted to share.

  • First, click on the start button and in the search bar type “run”. Alternatively, you could use WIN+R.
  • This will open a run command.
  • Now in the run command type DXDIAG.
  • A Directx Diagnostic Toll will open. In this tool, go to Display Tab.
  • Here you will find graphic details along with graphic memory of your PC.

Alternative Method to find out Graphic Memory

This is the 2nd method which can help you to find out the graphic memory of your PC.

  • Open your PC control panel from the start menu.
  • Then go to All Control panels> Items> Performances> Tools.
  • Here in the right side corner you can see an option as “View and print performance and system information”.
  • Click on that and a new page will open. Here you can see all your system information and Graphic memory is not exceptional.

So there it is guys. I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial. Let me know how I can improve my writing in the comment section.

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