6 “must” do to get even started on Soundcloud


1. Share your music publicly

SoundCloud was designed to be the easiest way to store your tracks in a single place and “push them out” to social networks, websites, etc. You can buy soundcloud plays and likes or even followers, however you need to make sure you have already a strong followers base to dilute it. It is possible to share single songs or “sets” (a playlist of tracks that all can be found in one waveform participant) to Fb, Twitter, Tumblr, and more– or add the SoundCloud player physically! Follow on the “share” button about the player to get started sharing your music using the world.

In regards to fan engagement, you can find a large number of prospects for sharing monitors and models on SoundCloud: ask for feedback on different mixes, encourage your supporters to generate their particular “perfect setlists,” publish an untitled track and ask for fans to comment using their recommendations for the song name, etc.

2. Make it easy for bloggers to gain access to your songs

SoundCloud makes it easier for you yourself to do your own digital PR. Send your tracks to journalists and writers; you control whether they simply stream them or may obtain the songs.

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Steps to Boost Traffic on a Website

  • Eliminate desirable free content for incalculable promotional

If you will continue to use underrated techniques to get traffic to your site, you are just giving away your contents of other sites for free. Having a rare and hard to find information that will give value to your articles can help and this kind of information posted on your site can help in making you known as an expert in your chosen field.

As soon as you do with the articles, you can come up with a short bio about you and the business you have and then indicate that at the end of the article you will post, this is essential and a link to the site. To find a site that may add interest to your content, you can send email to other site owners, but make sure you pick the sites that gets attention and then visits your target market too. You can also ask them to check on your site or send them a newsletter, which is free of charge.

Another choice is to give away the articles through the free content sites such as these:



Your articles will surely become available to different sites looking free with all the contents and you just have to submit the articles again. The power of having free content is so powerful that it must not be underestimated. The articles will weigh more with enough exposure, so you must not be amazed if someone with a high profile magazine along with portal sites will look for you and would want to include your articles in their sites.

  • Look for free word of mouth type of advertisement through viral marketing

Viral marketing may be defined as a method of spreading the word like a virus. You can entice people to talk about information on your site to other people and then use that word to make a publicity to advertise your business. As soon as the virus spreads, you do not need to do anything else anymore, because they will be the one to work for you.

You can simply double the techniques by doing something like passing the link through a newsletter. This is so simple, but it can do wonders. You can just ask your readers to pass the newsletter to their friends and this will not cost you any amount at all. What else can you do to make viral marketing work better for you? Here are some essential things you can do:

  • Initiate an affiliate program
  • Offer a free trial service
  • Come up with a contest and give an extra entry to someone so they can refer
  • Send free demo products
  • Send free articles to pass it on link
  • Collect free links on different high traffic sites

Requesting for links will only require little effort, but they can just erupt one night when the traffic is already there. This will happen if your site was featured on another site that is famous in the industry, a site that gets a lot of attention. You will also get benefits from the exposure it gets.

If you will go on with this technique, you must follow a standardize process all the time, but there are some steps that must be noted:

  • Do a search of the usual keywords, those that are commonly used by people to look for a site.
  • Come up with informative notes about the sites that normally appear among the top listings for primary keywords.
  • Use Alexa toolbar, LinkPopularity and Technorati to seek for the other sites that links some sites and the amount of traffic they can get when you check on some information.
  • Before you connect with some sites, be sure you are familiar with the URL for the particular site and for the subpages as well of the link that you want to show off, your name as the site owner, the date and time people last visited your site and a description about the content must be visible there.

If you are prepared to connect with the owners of the site and you are ready to request for a link, you need to make a personal email and do not use readymade letters. Make sure you also include some positive feedbacks about their site and the reason why your site will benefit from the link that they can provide.

Importance of Instagram in Business

instagram-for-businessNow Instagram  is the best option for social media. It is very useful for business which provides a marketing platform as well as online gallery tool. It is not only used for sharing images with friends but more than that.

What Instagram is all about?

Now a day million of people love to use Instagram. Instagram is a popular social networking application which supports on Android mobiles or iphone for photo sharing and video sharing. It enables the users to take videos and photos and then share them on various social sites like Flickr, Facebook, twitter and many others. There are many social meda agencies where you can buy instagram followers to get more social exposure.

Uses of photos on Instagram for business posts:

  • Share all the things which happened around you on daily basis.
  • News related to industry, events, product, staff etc.
  • Suggestions to create brand personality
  • Create your own profile on Instagram which is not related to business.
  • Arrange a contest and capture photos on Instagram to post it, use hashtag to track your followers easily.
  • Give invitation to your users to post the images of product and services of your business on Instagram, create community and repost those pictures for the other followers.
  • Followers want visual proof of the company’s work; if you don’t see images then the users’ complaint to advertisement tactics.
  • Don’t think that you have nothing to display in your business on social media. Every business is unique and has something different.
  • If you are aiming to reach the famouse list on Instagram, than use Instagram Promotion Services and buy instagram followers.

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